Our Services


Richards Realty Group is a knowledge base organization that recognizes financial services are important to investors and owners. An excellent financial service adds value to the investment and helps the company sustain meeting of its short and long term obligations. We make sure that each and every propert y short term obligations are measured so that the ability to meet recurring financial obligations is assured.

Richards Realty Group is aware that value is created when the firm earns a return on its investment in excess of the cost of capital. Therefore, we are good at making excellent financial analysis so that we can make great predictions about the future. A financial analysis can add value by showing the firm is profitable and the firm has excellent growth year after year.   
Our firm knows that property management must be systematic and efficient. Richards Realty Group makes sure that our financial analysis adds value by exploring financial issues, cash flows and liquidity for long term debt financing. Moreover, we identify that financial statements provide the most widely available data on public corporations economic activities and investors and other stakeholders rely on them to assess the plans and performance of the firm and its corporate managers.

Management Team

Richards Realty Group management team knows about building trust and connecting. Each team member understands each team member's role and knows his or her strengths and weaknesses from building trust. Trust is the key to our team's success. Trust is what gets the team off the runway, so that we can fly high. Trust helps the team move ahead. Our management team established trust by building a relationship with each team member and setting goals that everyone agrees on. Our team members have excellent communication skills that build trust and elixir. Trust is the elixir of the team's life, belief, confidence, fairness and reliability. Elixir is the key to the team's success with professional management and innovative ideas.